Chinese people fully aware of ill intention of US



Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said, Secretary Blinken’s remarks are part of an attempt to sever the strong bond between the CPC and the Chinese people. China firmly rejects that. The Chinese people are fully aware of the ill intention of the US to suppress and contain China’s development and hinder the Chinese nation’s rejuvenation. Moves like this that are designed to sow discord will not succeed.

Any US politician who knows the basic facts about China knows that our Party is founded for the people and nurtured by the people. The leadership of the CPC is the choice of history and of the people, and is endorsed in China’s Constitution. China’s development would not be possible without the leadership of the CPC. Under its leadership, the Chinese people have, through arduous struggle and hard work, established the People’s Republic of China and freed themselves from bullying, oppression and subjugation. Under the leadership of the CPC, China has created the two miracles of rapid economic development and long-term social stability. It has also lifted over 800 million people out of poverty and led 1.4 billion people to modernization. Over the course of just several decades, China has completed a journey that took Western developed countries several hundred years. The CPC has grown into the largest governing party in the world. Its membership has expanded to over 95 million from just over 50 when it was founded. What is the secret code of the CPC’s long governance success? It puts people first and believes that “The country is the people and the people are the country”.

I’d like to share with you two figures, both released by US institutes. A Harvard University survey among the Chinese people spanning over a decade found that more than 90 percent of respondents are satisfied with the Party and their government. Last year, as many as 91 percent of Chinese interviewed by Edelman, a top global public relations consultancy firm, said they trust their government, the highest recorded over a decade and all over the world for years running. The US politicians say they respect the Chinese people. Then please respect the history and facts, respect the development path and political system chosen by the Chinese people and respect the CPC that represents the fundamental interests of the Chinese people.

What the world needs urgently is to jointly protect the lives and health of humanity, promote world economic recovery and uphold global peace and tranquility, not manipulate people into accepting the fallacy of “democracy vs. authoritarianism” or the exaggeration of differences in political system between countries, still less dividing the world by drawing ideological lines. We hope the US will stop making these meaningless attempts and focus its energy and time on keeping its own house in order. The US should seek to play a constructive role in world peace and development.

Zhao said, I have noted relevant reports. China opposes relevant countries’ pushing the IAEA Board of Governors to pressure Iran through adopting a resolution. Facts have proven time and again that pressuring does not help solve problems. It only increases tension and escalates the situation. The talks on resuming compliance with the JCPOA are currently at a crucial juncture towards conclusion. Being confrontational at the IAEA Board of Governors will only undermine the agency’s cooperation with Iran and disrupt the negotiation process.

We believe that the pressing task at the moment is to facilitate a successful conclusion of the negotiations and bring the JCPOA back to the right track. Once the implementation resumes, it will be much easier to find the solutions needed for resolving the issues related to the IAEA’s safeguards in Iran. Now is the time for the US to make key political decisions, actively respond to Iran’s legitimate concerns and work toward an early consensus on outstanding issues. All relevant parties need to create the necessary conditions and a favorable environment for this.

He said earlier this week, we already made China’s position very clear on the US’ so-called “rules-based international order” .order. What does an “imperfect” but “liberal” order mean exactly? Does it mean the US can do whatever it wants, while other countries must always follow the US’ orders and fall into line with the US? Does it mean the US can arbitrarily attack other sovereign countries militarily, while other countries can only watch and say nothing? Does it mean the US can wantonly impose illegal, unilateral sanctions on other sovereign countries, while other countries must comply? Or does it mean the US can unscrupulously attack and smear other countries and deprive other countries of their sovereign rights, security and right to development, while the only thing other countries are left to do is to sit on their hands with their mouths shut? This is not liberal; this is no order; this is hegemony, highhandedness and bullying; and this is an attempt of the US and a small number of other countries to make rules that suit themselves. Blinken claimed that they’ve sought to build an imperfect but liberal

I do not think people of the world would want the kind of “imperfect” but “liberal” order peddled by the US. What they want is an equal and shared right to security, development and prosperity for all. It is high time that the US reflected on itself and took real responsibilities for world peace and development.

The US and China are indeed different in some ways. China has always been committed to upholding the international order underpinned by the UN Charter and international law. We are a force for world peace, for global development and for defending the international order. What China upholds is true multilateralism, and universally recognized international rules and order that have the support of the overwhelming majority of countries in the world, who have observed and benefited from the rules and order.

Zhao Lijian said China firmly opposes all forms of official interaction with the Taiwan region by countries having diplomatic ties with China, including negotiating or concluding agreements with implications of sovereignty and of official nature. Lately the US has made frequent moves and kept devising schemes on Taiwan. They are nothing but attempts to breach the one-China principle, bolster “Taiwan independence” separatists and disrupt peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.

There is but one China in the world. Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory. The government of the People’s Republic of China is the sole legal government representing the whole of China.