Chinese Hybrid Mulberry to benefit small farmers in Pakistan

Observer Report

Chinese Hybrid Mulberry to benefit small farmers in Pakistan, says a report published by China Economic Net (CEN).

The report stated that “With an annual turnover of RMB 20 mln, our protein mulberry garden changed local farmers’ livelihood, for protein mulberry planting we mobilized over 76 acres of land and provided jobs for over 200 households.

“With a successful yield test conducted in Xinjiang, we are looking forward to introducing protein mulberry plants, as well as planting technology, mulberry leaf processing equipment to Pakistan, since Pakistan and Xinjiang share climatic similarities, and have a large ideal customer base.”

?Wu Zhanwen, the owner of Runze Protein Mulberry ecological garden in China’s Zheng Ding county, told CEN. Protein mulberry is a hybrid type of mulberry developed by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

As the name implies, it maintains a higher level of protein compared to other types of mulberry plant, the highest protein content of protein mulberry leaves was 36%, and that of branches was 28%.

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