Chinese firm exposes India-backed cyber-attacks against Beijing, Islamabad


BEIJING – A China-based cybersecurity company has exposed Indian involvement in cyber-attacks against the sensitive military departments of neighbouring countries including China and Pakistan.

This was revealed by Secretary General of the Cyberspace International Governance Research Center and Senior Research Fellow of Shanghai Institutes for International Studies, Lu Chuanying in his article published in China Military Online.

The company in its report has identified a state-level hacking organisation in India launching the attacks. “Based on online tracking for a long time, the company has found that this hacking organization has become one of the most active and mature hacking organizations in South Asia,” read the article.

The report said that organization is “obviously backed by state forces of India”.

Lu Chuanying argues in the article that cyberspace is not land beyond the law, adding that India-backed cyber-attacks posed serious threats to regional security and stability. The nefarious design will impede the cybersecurity cooperation of international organizations such as SCO and BRICS.

He added that India is violating UN and other international laws related to cybersecurity. The Chinese expert also urged the international community to demand India immediately stop the cyber-attacks against the neighbouring countries.

“New Delhi seems to have forgotten that India is also a developing country in the field of cyberspace and it is also facing immense cyber security risks. Its cyber-attacks on neighboring countries may court revenge, which it is obviously not capable enough to fend off,” read the article.

The author also called for intensifying the defensive capabilities amid the worsening cybersecurity situation.

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