China’s timely assistance


AS Pakistan is struggling to contain the spread of Corona Virus with tally of confirmed cases crossing over 1500, China took lead and came forward to help and assist our authorities in this difficult hour to meet the daunting challenge posed by this pandemic. Chinese aircraft loaded with necessary protective equipment are landing in the country almost on daily basis. It is not only Chinese government but also its private sector such as Alibaba Foundation and Jack Ma Foundation that are extending assistance to our country. Their compassion and concern for Pakistani people is indeed praiseworthy. These testing times have proved how much Chinese and Pakistani people feel the pain of each other. Apart from providing necessary medical equipment, Chinese government has also sent a team of doctors who are specialists in dealing with the Corona Virus. Our health authorities should take maximum benefit from their advice to turn the tide on this deadly virus. Credit goes to Chinese government that successfully managed the crisis and we have a lot to learn from their successes to put a lid on this challenge, which was never experienced by humanity before. The current situation indeed warrants an international response to meet this global phenomenon. Heavy responsibility rests with economically stronger countries. They need to show more open heartedness and compassion for developing countries as has been shown by China. The United States has reportedly set up a $274 million fund to help the international community in combating the outbreak of this deadly disease. One expects much greater contribution from a country like the US, which has to see beyond its borders and its people to protect and save the humanity. Together and through collective efforts, we can meet this challenge. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s call of relieving developing countries like Pakistan of debt burden and lifting sanctions on Iran has garnered support at international level and our leadership needs to press on this issue in order to ward off economic impact of this virus on developing countries. The world especially the major lenders such as IMF and the World Bank must give a serious consideration to this call to avoid further disasters in developing countries.


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