China’s first fully electric tugboat enters service


China reported that it has put into service its first fully electric tugboat, one of a small number of electric tugs in the world.

The first electric tug was launched a year ago by a Turkish shipyard while the United States’ first electric tug is not due to enter service until mid-2023 built for Crowley Maritime.

The Chinese Yungang Electric No. 1 went into service on August 16 at the northeastern Chinese port of Lianyungang in Jiangsu province on the Yellow Sea.

The tug uses a lithium iron phosphate battery pack as its power source, which the authorities report can achieve 4000 horsepower, similar to conventional tugboats.

The port reports that based on the power output it will be possible to replace traditional high-power fuel tugboats.

The electric tug was built by the Lianyungang Port Holding Group’s Barge Branch. It has a total length of 116 feet, a beam of 33 feet, and a draft of 11.5 feet. The total power design is 5000 kWh, which provides the tug a top speed of 13 knots.—TLTP

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