China’s commitment to peace



CHINA said on Monday that “it is pleased with Pakistan’s recent positive interactions with India”.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said during a press briefing that his country was ready to work with Pakistan, and continue to inject positive energy into regional peace, stability and development.

He said that China supported Pakistan’s foreign policy of peace and good-neighbourliness as well as its commitment to advancing the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan.

China, under the dynamic leadership of President Xi Jinping, is single-minded pursuing the goal of economic development and prosperity for its people and understandably the success of this approach is deeply linked to regional and global peace.

In a highly inter-dependent world, happenings in the neighbourhood or elsewhere in the globe affect internal policies and programmes of the countries and that is why China always laid stress on peaceful resolution of the conflicts and closer cooperation for shared prosperity.

This is also amply evident from the historic ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative of President Xi that seeks to foster cooperation among the majority of countries of different continents.

Contrary to the pressure tactics being used by some countries to advance their agenda and force countries like Iran to compromise their national interests, China recently entered into a major partnership agreement with Iran, which is yet another example of Beijing’s policy of enlisting support of other countries for common goals of economic development.

This policy was also reflected in the remarks of Mr Lijian who called on world leaders, especially South Asian leaders, to discard hatred, prejudice and religious extremism, and jointly safeguard regional peace and prosperity.

These are not mere words as Beijing demonstrated extreme restraint and went extra mile in reducing border tension despite provocative attitude of India and its pampering by some powers as per their strategy of ‘containing China’.

The destiny of humanity can change if other countries reciprocate the policy of peaceful co-existence so firmly pursued by China.