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China warns Britain

China warns Britain

CHINA warned Britain on Wednesday that interfering in Hong
Kong will backfire, after the former colonial power vowed to give sanctuary to locals who may flee the city if a security law is passed. British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has angered Beijing by suggesting that it had time to “reconsider” the plan while UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote in a column that he would offer millions of Hong Kongers visas and a possible route to UK citizenship if China persists with its national security law.
The pronouncements of British leaders amount to gross interference in the internal affairs of China and also could serve as encouragement to all those who are indulging in violence and disrupting peace and security of Hong Kong. Previously, the United States used to issue regular provocative statements and now Britain has joined the chorus, which is a clear indication of foreign interference in the ongoing unrest in Hong Kong. Taking serious notice of the development, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian advised UK to step back from the brink, abandon their Cold War mentality and colonial mindset and recognise and respect the fact that Hong Kong has returned” to China. It is queer that protests and demonstrations of black people in the United States over discrimination and excesses is being dubbed as ‘terrorism’ but those who are indulging in violence to disrupt peace of HK are being pampered by all means by some foreign powers. The suggestion to offer liberal visas and citizenship is also a ploy to encourage brain-drain from Hong Kong with the objective of damaging its status as business and commercial hub. Like other countries, China is fully entitled to enact laws to strengthen its national security and tackle foreign-inspired ‘terrorism’ and ‘separatism’ and this right should be respected by all other countries.


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