China tells NATO not to seek ‘a new Cold War’

China NATO Cold War

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin urged the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) “to stop spreading disinformation about China” and “not to seek to start a new Cold War”.

In a regular presser, Wang Wenbin was asked to present China’s response to NATO’s agenda to address “China’s growing influence and assertiveness”.

In response, Wang Wenbin said that NATO had always been “a tool for the US to maintain its hegemony and influence Europe’s security landscape”.

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Wenbin also criticized NATO that despite being a defensive organization, “it has willfully waged wars against sovereign countries that left a large number of civilians dead and tens of millions displaced”.

He also said that despite being a military organization in the North Atlantic, some of its members have flexed their muscles in the Asia-Pacific in recent years and “sought to replicate the kind of bloc confrontation seen in Europe here in the Asia-Pacific”.

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Reiterating the position of China as a global contender for peace and stability, the spokesperson said that China is a “contributor to global development and a defender of the international order”.

“We urge NATO to stop drawing ideological lines which may induce confrontation, stop spreading disinformation about China, and not to seek to start a new Cold War. NATO has already disrupted stability in Europe. It should not try to do the same to the Asia-Pacific and the whole world,” Wang Wenbin said in clear terms.

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