China setting the trends of cooperation | By Muhammad Zamir Assadi


China setting the trends of cooperation

By upholding the concept of a shared future for mankind under the umbrella of the Health Corridor & BRI for the international community, China has proved that the life of every human being is precious and it does matter.

Ravaging impacts of COVID-19 exposed various developed countries that announced to make their nations “arsenal of vaccine” but they did not initiate the campaign to put their contribution for achieving the immunization targets around the globe.

The volume of donations in terms of medical equipment starting from safety kits to the distribution of vaccines, China on every step has shown its will and commitment to contribute in the fight against the pandemic.

The response of China during the fight against the pandemic genuinely matched with the responsible track record of the country in tackling the ravaging impact of the pandemic.

On one side, China was facing the unfounded allegations of some western elements regarding the outbreak of virus while on the other side under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, the country spearheaded the largest humanitarian operation of history single handedly just to save the life of millions domestically and around the globe.

It was only possible with the visionary leadership of the Communist Party of China that consolidated consensus on cooperation in fight against the pandemic by ignoring the so-called baseless allegations of western elements and focused on helping international community without any discrimination.

These one sided allegations and smear campaign against China was largely trashed by the investigation team of World Health Organization and declared that the virus outbreak does not link to the Wuhan lab and the lab leak theory does not carry any evidence.

The mainstream U.S. and western media organizations intentionally pushed forward the pseudoscience on the virus’ origins just to downplay the efforts of China in terms of humanitarian assistance across the globe during pandemic fight.

Although COVID-19 pandemic intensified challenges and geopolitical issues, China was the only country being witnessed as the supporter of cooperation that also showed the beacon of light to the international community during the uncertain situation.

The unconditional support of China for various countries also drew the attention of the international community for comprehensive cooperation with Beijing during the pandemic.

The Chinese measures adopted to contain the virus and support for the international community also laid out the solid plan for the world to cooperate under the banner of globalization by rejecting the vicious voices of unilateralism and protectionism.

China carried out the humanitarian activities all the way without indulging into any competition and race and only focused on sharing its experience with other countries learned domestically for containing the virus and securing the lives.

China was the first country as well that vowed and continued to support the World Health Organization’s efforts to share vaccines equitably and expand vaccine manufacture and supply by also sharing the vaccine production technologies with various countries.

It proved to be the practical help of the international community in increasing the vaccine production locally to meet the domestic needs and to inoculate the citizens for achieving the immunity on a bigger level.

China with its helping hand, open heart and mind have made phenomenal progress in solidarity against COVID-19 with the partner countries and scored fruitful achievements in health cooperation.

The global community has witnessed President Xi’s pledge of making the vaccine as a global good for the benefits of all that secured decisive victories in the fight against the pandemic.

The comprehensive and dedicated contribution of China has helped in gaining significant strategic gains by controlling the virus and recorded parallel progress on socioeconomic development and pandemic response.

Heroic fight and leadership of President Xi Jinping has become an epitome of China’s quick response efforts that has more importantly shown the strength of the Chinese nation and embodiment of the unique civilized character.

China’s campaign against pandemic has proved that the challenges and even the unseen challenges are not bigger than the will of humanity and the strong decision making power and control on nerves may lead you towards the victory.

The COVID19 cooperation extended by China initiated and continued beyond regional and international level also emerged as a much needed tool for promoting economic recovery by focusing on resilient, inclusive and sustainable reforms based on solid growth.

The unified efforts of China under the leadership of President Xi Jinping stressed the pillar-role in global trade to ensure future prosperity based on mutual consultations and productive outcome.

The support of China for the global society explored ways to get as many people vaccinated and helped keep the momentum of economic recovery in a moving tone by overcoming the technical glitches.

China’s support for the international trading system by promoting the stability and predictability in maintaining the international trade flows during the pandemic has emerged as a growth engine for global economic recovery.


China’s support for the international trading system by promoting the stability and predictability in maintaining the international trade flows during the pandemic has emerged as a growth engine for global economic recovery.