China has no destructive plan nor political agenda in Afghanistan: Baradar



Speaking in a video conference on Saturday, at the opening ceremony of the Sixth Exhibition of Economic Cooperation, Trade and Investment between China and South Asian countries, Baradar said that the way was open for trade and regional transit at the borders of Afghanistan.

“One of the characteristics of China is that it does not carry out any destructive political agendas in our region, nor does it interfere in our internal affairs,” said Baradar.

He has called on South Asian countries to export their commercial goods to Central Asia through Afghanistan.

“As the Deputy Prime Minister for the Economic Affairs of Afghanistan, I call on all South Asian countries that Afghanistan is ready for any kind of cooperation needed for the secure transit and transfer of your commercial goods to Central Asian markets,” said Baradar.

“I also ask all the investors in the world to come and invest in Afghanistan and achieve their legitimate and trade goals together with the people of Afghanistan.”

He meanwhile emphasized that the IEA ensures that Afghanistan’s soil will not be used against other countries.

“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan assures all countries in the region that no individual or group will ever be allowed to pose any threats to countries in the region and the world,” he said.

He also added that Afghanistan is fully ready to become the connecting point of South and Central Asia.

“Afghanistan is fully prepared to be a safe route for the transit and connection of Central and Southern Asia, and to open its borders even to the Middle East trade corridor,” Baradar added.

This senior official of the Islamic Emirate noted that grounds have been provided for investment, regional connection and cooperation of countries to resume the work of large regional projects.

“The security in Afghanistan has led to the acceleration of major regional projects such as TAPI, as well as the resumption of other projects, including CASA100, TAP and TUTAP,” he said, adding that steps have been taken for other new projects.

At the 6th export and import exhibition of China and South Asian countries, nine companies from Afghanistan displayed their products such as precious stones, saffron, Afghan carpets and rugs.—Ariana News

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