China harbinger of peace, development



HAVING no aggressive or hegemonic designs, China over the years has proved itself a true harbinger of peace and development, and the people of Pakistan are proud of its unshakeable and what is commonly alluded to: ‘the all-weather strategic partnership’ with China.

Prime Minister Imran Khan also expressed the fondness and affection of Pakistani nation with China whilst addressing a conference marking 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), whose achievements have opened new vistas of thought for political parties across the world.

Recognizing China’s efforts to safeguard world peace and its contribution to global development, Imran Khan stressed that Sino-Pak friendship remains a strong anchor for peace in an era of complex and profound changes at global and regional levels.

The current era is known as the shifting of alliances but there is no change whatsoever in the relationship between Pakistan and China, rather this relation is on the path of upward trajectory and further solidifying with each passing day. Trust and commonalities of views make this relationship really unbreakable.

The Chinese people have always shown their commitment towards peace and development more than anything else.

Living in harmony with all others far and near is an important part of China’s cultural heritage.

In its foreign relations, the Chinese nation has advocated cordiality, benevolence, good-neighbourliness and universal harmony.

Chinese President Xi Jinping visionary Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) as also stated by PM in his address, has made a major impact on global sustainable development.

His vision of shared prosperity really makes him a statesman and his efforts need to be commended by all. Those considering China a threat must accept the reality of multipolarity.

Instead of pursuing the course of cold war and confrontation against China, cooperation must be given priority as it will benefit the whole humanity and help effectively address common challenges.

As regards Pakistan, we need to learn from the Chinese experiences in different fields be it the industries, the science and technology or the agriculture sector.

The people of Pakistan are also looking forward for the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Pakistan which we believe will usher in a new era of cooperation between the two countries.

Our focus must be taking the country towards rapid industrialization by making the SEZs under the CPEC a complete success story. For this, the Chinese companies and other investors must be fully facilitated.

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