China-Gulf getting closer


IN what could be called an important development on the global scene, both China and the Arab countries are writing a new chapter in their relationship.

The very visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Saudi Arabia and then attending the first ever China-GCC summit there is an epoch-making milestone which we believe will take their partnership to a new level.

Being close to both China and Arab countries, the people and government of Pakistan are seeing this development with great interest and delight.

Addressing the summit, Chinese President Xi Jinping not only touched upon economic cooperation with the Gulf countries in diverse fields but also assured to support them in maintaining their security.

For several decades, the Gulf region has remained dependent on the US vis-à-vis security matters and the latter has unfortunately always blackmailed the former on various occasions.

It really demonstrates vision and farsightedness of the Gulf leadership that they are now diversifying their alliances and looking beyond the USA.

Also putting all eggs in one basket is not considered a good approach. We believe both China and the Arab countries have their own strengths which they can put together not only for the betterment of their people but of the whole world.

China can meet its growing energy requirements from the resource-rich Arab countries which can also look towards Beijing for technological advancement and purchase of defence related equipment.

In fact, Pakistan can serve as a corridor for their trade and economic relations through Gwadar Port.

China and Arab countries greatly advocate respect for sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs.

They both oppose external interference and all forms of hegemonism and power politics. Hence, their partnership will be a win-win and prove fruitful to change the economic landscape of the world.

During Xi’s Riyadh visit, both China and Saudi Arabia have also signed a strategic partnership agreement, which clearly underlines their growing ties.

The Kingdom is also engaging the Chinese companies for cloud computing and building high tech complexes in big cities.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman has proved himself as a futuristic and transformational leader having the ability to protect the interests of its country whilst seeing in the eyes of some mighty powers.

The way Crown Prince is opening up the Kingdom and bringing reforms in different sectors is really impressive and appreciable.

The Kingdom’s engagement with China will prove to be beneficial to achieve the diversification envisioned by the Crown Prince.