China envoy in Kabul says humanitarian aid is priority


China says that the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan is critical and noted that the United States has not released the frozen assets of Afghanistan.

Wang Yu, China’s ambassador to Kabul, expressed concerns over the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan at an event which was held to hand over Chinese aid to needy people in Afghanistan, making remarks that held the US responsible for this situation.

According to Yu, the withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan was irresponsible.

“The US military intervention in Afghanistan has brought deep disaster to Afghan people, and their irresponsible withdrawal has created more problems for Afghanistan which is the culprit of the current plight of Afghanistan. However the US not only ignored the disaster faced by the Afghan people, but also refused to return the assets of the Afghan people,” said Wang Yu, China’s ambassador to Kabul.

The Chinese ambassador in Kabul further said that Beijing’s priority in the current situation is not to recognize the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, rather, it is to deal with the humanitarian crisis.

“We hope Afghanistan to be stable, peaceful, pursue a moderate policy and to meet the expectations,” said Wang Yu, China’s ambassador to Kabul.

Wang Yu expressed hope that the Islamic Emirate will achieve national integration, peace and stability in the country.

Meanwhile, officials of the State Ministry of Disaster Management said that China has provided assistance worth $8 million to the affected families of the recent earthquake in Afghanistan.

“The People’s Republic of China has provided more than 6,000 tons of rice worth eight million dollars to the people of Afghanistan in seven steps, and we have sent the aids to 34 provinces and the distribution process is ongoing,” said Ghulam Ghaws Naseri, Deputy Minister of State for Disaster Management.

China is among the countries that have welcomed Islamic Emirate diplomats but have not yet recognized the Islamic Emirate.

The meeting was attended by the foreign ministers of Iran, Russia, China, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, and Qatar, where they called for the formation of an inclusive government solution for the current Afghan problems.

Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered written remarks.

“President Xi … noted that a peaceful, stable, developing and prosperous Afghanistan is the aspiration of all the Afghan people. It is also in the common interests of regional countries and the international community,” Xi said as quoted by the China Foreign Ministry in a press release.

“President Xi concluded his remarks by stressing that the neighboring countries of Afghanistan should do their best to build consensus and coordinate efforts to support the people of Afghanistan in building a brighter future,” the press release read.

“We urge the Western countries led by the United States to earnestly fulfill their primary responsibility for the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan, return the property of the Afghan people as soon as possible, and oppose attempts to create chaos in Afghanistan and bring disaster to the region,” said Chinese FM Wang Yi as quoted by CGTN.

Meanwhile, China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan in the “Troika Plus” meeting called on the Islamic Emirate to take distance from the terrorist groups.

“We welcome any movement which is aiming to support the Islamic Emirate and people of Afghanistan. It is a good step. But every procedure and action will be monitored by the Islamic Emirate,” said Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate.


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