China ‘actively supports’ expansion of BRICS


China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Wang Wen-bin, said that China actively supports BRICS nations’ efforts to expand membership and strengthen “BRICS Plus” cooperation to protect emerging markets’ and developing countries’ common interests and growth space.

Wang told a daily news briefing that China would encourage BRICS members to continue dis-cussing and establishing criteria and procedures for expansion based on consultation.

As the chair this year, China anticipated that ad-ditional like-minded countries would join the group, Wang noted. China proposed the expansion during the BRICS foreign ministers’ meeting last week. For the first time, a discussion with foreign ministers from emerging markets and developing nations was held during the summit in the “BRICS Plus” format.

According to the spokesperson, the two meetings demonstrate that BRICS collaboration is open and inclusive.

Argentina and other nations have expressed in-terest in joining the BRICS, and Russia underlined its support for the BRICS expansion process on Wednesday. Faced with the current circumstances of un-precedented changes and epidemics, as well as in-ternational hotspots, Wang stated that the BRICS countries have committed to expanding cooperation with other emerging markets and developing coun-tries and enhancing the mechanism’s representation.

They also emphasised the importance of a stronger “BRICS voice” on significant international and regional issues, as well as collaboration to ad-dress obstacles, he noted.

BRICS has become a positive, stable, and con-structive force in the world arena, he said, with deepened pragmatic collaboration in numerous fields. Its global influence and attractiveness have also in-creased, he said.

Wang said, I would like to refer you to competent authorities for the specifics. I want to reiterate that China fully relates to the difficulties and challenges facing Sri Lanka and stands ready to play a constructive role in its steady economic and social development.

Wang said I would like to brief you on State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s just-concluded visit to Solomon Islands. Yesterday, during his visit to Solomon Islands, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Solomon Islands’ Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and met with the Acting Governor General Patteson Oti of Solomon Islands. He also held talks with Solomon Islands’ Foreign Minister Jeremiah Manele and jointly met the press with him, and giving full play to the late starter’s advantage so as to make the bilateral relations stron State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that friendship, whenever it happens, is cherishable. The diplomatic relationship between China and Solomon Islands was established not very long ago, but it has a good start and witnesses the steady and rapid development. The two countries see increas-ingly deepening political mutual trust and broad prospects for practical cooperation and have become close friends with mutual trust and good partners with mutual support. Facts have proved that Solomon Islands’ political decision to establish diplomatic relations with China is totally in line with the trend of development and progress of the times as well as the fundamental and long-term interests of the people of Solomon Islands. China is willing to work with Solomon Islands in the spirit of seizing the dayger and promote deeper cooperation for bringing more benefits to the two peoples.

State Councilor Wang Yi further expounded on three principles for China and Solomon Islands to promote security cooperation. First, we need to fully respecting the national sovereignty of Solomon Islands. China-Solomon Islands cooperation is based on Solomon Islands’ needs and requirements, on the premise of Solomon Islands’ consent, and on the basis of equal consulta-tion. It is never China’s foreign policy, nor is it Chinese style, to impose deals on others, interfere in Solomon Islands’ internal affairs, or damage other countries’ interests.

Second, we need to help maintain the social sta-bility of Solomon Islands. China-Solomon Islands security cooperation includes assistance in maintain-ing social order in accordance with the law, protect-ing people’s lives and property, and providing hu-manitarian relief and natural disaster response at the request of Solomon Islands. The aim is to help Solomon Islands strengthen police capacity-building, offset the security governance deficit and maintain domestic stability and long-lasting peace and security. China-Solomon Islands security cooperation is aboveboard and candid, not being imposed. It neither targets any third party nor intends to establish military base.

Third, the cooperation should go in parallel with regional arrangements. China supports Pacific Island Countries in strengthening security cooperation and working together to address regional security challenges. China also supports the existing regional security cooperation arrangements. At the same time, China-Solomon Islands security cooperation and the existing regional arrangements complement each other, sharing the same objectives and interests. China-Solomon Islands security cooperation conforms to the common interests of Solomon Is-lands and the South Pacific region.

benefits to Solomon Islands’ people. police ad-visors to help maintain social security after the riots took place in Honiara. The cooperation between Solomon Islands and China is based on equal treat-ment and mutual respect, with increasingly close ties in various fields and bringing tangible to Solomon Islands.

They also appreciated China’s timely provision of police supplies and sending supplies and rapid testing equipment and dispatching medical teams The leadership of Solomon Islands said that China has become the largest infrastructure partner and a reliable development partner of Solomon Islands. They thanked China for providing anti-pandemic—PR


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