Chilled summer drinks a pretty common sight on Capital’s roadsides

Observer Report

As temperature soars, numerous vendors are offering chilled summer drinks including sugarcane juice, lemonade, dhoodh soda, milk shakes and several other colored drinks to attract the customers during the scorching heat season.

Traditional summer drinks are the best choice of citizens on roadside during hot and humid weather when people tend to sweat more, losing salts and water with perspiration.

Roadside vendors while talking to a private news channel said chilled juices and drinks demand high with rise in temperature as mostly people engaged in physical activity and traveling through roads need more liquid than those having sedentary lifestyles at home during heat time.

With the surge in mercury, huge rush of customers could be witnessed at traditional imli Alo Bukhara drink stalls, said a motorist.

It is our common practice to visit Lemon Soda shop and we have become so habitual of this practice that we can’t do without it,” said a young citizen.

Imli and Aaloo Bukhara” juice is better than any other packaged juices and free from any kinds of chemicals”, citizens always preferred its stall while visiting the shops of market.

A motorist while enjoying sugarcane juice said that fresh juices could not be adulterated, while packed juices contained elements that caused blood pressure problems and cardiac diseases.

He advised people to drink more fresh juices during the summer season to overcome salt deficiency which typically arises due to excessive sweating.

“I always preferred a glass of doodh soda instead of a color unhealthy drinks when I am shopping. It is the best alternative to fizzy drinks”, said a citizen.

“A drink of chilled Soda feels so refreshing after a plate of spicy chaat”, said a female customer.

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