Child marriages prime factors behind infants’ death in Thar


Our Correspondent


The district health officer (DHO) of Tharparkar, Dr Irshad Ahmed Memon has held the unchecked child marriages as main factor behind the unabated deaths of the infants in the Thar region. Dr Memon in an annual report issued to the local journalists here on the other day claimed that the health indicators of Tharparkar were constantly being reported by media in distorted forms.
‘It is made clear for general public that during year 2019 the district has shown significant improvement in healthcare delivery system as well as in the basic parameters. The infant mortality rate (IMR) in Tharparkar is far less than other arid regions in Pakistan. preconceived notion of deaths of children attributed to malnutrition alone is strongly contradicted on the basis of ground realities and facts evolved and collected at DHO office during the year’ added the report.’
It was also claimed in the detailed report that the Thar region was out of drought conditions after the required abandon rainfall during the monsoon season adding it said that there were other social subjects to look into other than the food insecurity or malnutrition alone.