Child dies upon consuming poisonous sweets, 4 critical


A child was declared dead after consuming poisonous sweets while four persons including a woman are reportedly in a critical condition on Tuesday. Poisonous sweets were prepared for the dog killing campaign in Korangi area of Karachi.

According to the reports, three-year-old Moon Waqas lost his life after eating poisonous sweets in Korangi while four persons including a woman and a child are in critical condition.

As per the information received, the father of the deceased child said that the child had eaten sweets which were kept in the vehicle.According to the families of the victims, the bike in which the sweets were kept belonged to a local government employee and he had left the poisonous sweets unattended.

It has been reported that the condition of the affected people is better now.Upon receiving the report of the incident, PTI leader Raja Azhar offered condolences to the family and sharply criticized the local government employee on his negligence.