Child among two die of malaria in flood-hit Johi


Gastro and malaria continue to spread their tentacles in Sindh as two more people have died in Johi, a town in district Dadu of the province on Friday.

The latest fatalities are those of a youth and a child. On the other hand, family members of the deceased have blamed Sindh Health Department and the district administration for the deaths.

They have said that these deaths are due to inadequate health facilities in their area.

Dozens of malaria and gastro patients are still in a critical condition in this small town of Sindh where people have demanded the government to provide them more and more mosquito nets. Kashmor hospitals run out of beds to accommodate patients:

Almost all hospitals at Tangwani in district Kashmor, Sindh are filled with malaria and gastro patients as sharp rise has been noticed in the population of mosquitoes in the area in the wake of recent monsoon floods.

And to make matters worse, the administration of district Kashmor has failed to take any step to remedy the situation as several low-lying areas are still under knee-deep water while the absence of anti-mosquito spray has led to unchecked growth in the population of mosquitoes.

People of the area have demanded the authorities to take steps on a war footing so that precious human lives could be saved.

Meanwhile, Sindh, where floodwaters descending from the country’s north and hill torrents from Balochistan have converged to give rise to a health crisis, has seen thousands displaced by deluges and now being inflicted by various diseases, mainly water-borne.—INP

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