Chicken prices skyrocket in provincial capital 


The price of chicken here in the provincial capital of Sindh has increased by more than Rs50 and being sold at Rs350 to Rs. 400 per kg. However in some parts of Karachi the price of chicken was recorded at Rs370 per kg for live bird and Rs500 per kg for meat. Consumers have expressed their concerns regarding this price hike. Citizens have also raised questions over the performance of price monitoring committees.


Following the outbreak of the lumpy skin disease in cattle, the demand of poultry meat has increased in the metropolis pushing prices of live bird and its clean meat to an alarming high. The chicken meat (with and without bone) is getting closer to the rates of veal meat (with and without bones). Some dealers are too smart in dealing with consumers.


They seek Rs20-30 per kg extra if he/she insists on buying only a clean chicken breast piece. However, the price of per kg chicken meat without giblets is Rs480-500. For the last two years, the Karachi commissioner has kept the price of live bird and its meat unchanged at Rs138 per kg and Rs214 per kg, respectively, in the official price list.


The officials concerned failed to enforce the official price list. Retailers, however, do not display the official rates at their shops and demand different prices in various areas.


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