Cheema strongly condemns malicious campaign against institutions


Adviser on Information Omar Sarfaraz Cheema said that a malicious campaign is being launched against the institutions and the judges which is strongly condemned. Omar Sarfraz Cheema in his tweet said that if the enemy is strong then he attacks head-on and only the cowards as well as conspirators indulge into backstabbing.

We are confronting a gang of cowards, conspirators and swindlers having an indecent mentality.

He said that this gang vomits out its mental depravity and indulges into conspiracies against the institutions.

The cruel, incompetent and thief ruler is holding the reins of power and is causing grave difficulties for the nation every now and then. Omar Sarfraz Cheema said that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif by shedding crocodile tears in not deceiving the people but rather deceiving himself.

The team of Shehbaz Sharif can do act-ing of photos hoots but proved to be highly incompetent and inefficient in running the country. The Shehbaz-Zardari gang made a conspiracy and got itself imposed on power against the Pakistan which was treading on the path of progress.

Now they are unable to run this country and they are all busy in making conspiracies and are trying to become political martyrs.

The nation is standing with Imran Khan and he will win the next elections with a two-thirds majority, concluded Omar Sarfraz Cheema.

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