Charity provides free education for destitute children in Takhar



A charity has built educational and recreational facilities in Takhar for destitute children who do not have access to education.

According to the officials of this institution, more than 1,200 children whose mothers are in jail or hospitals have access to educational and recreational facilities.

“We identified vulnerable children in cooperation with the Department of Labor and Social Affairs and offered them opportunities for education and entertainment here,” said Kamran Sadat, head of the charity organization in Takhar.

Meanwhile, local Takhar officials said that another institution for destitute children will be built in the province with UNICEF’s financial assistance.

Children who are enrolled in the institution expressed happiness with the facilities offered to them.

“My mother is in the hospital and I come here, I learn and play with my classmates, I’m happy,” said Moqadas, a destitute child.

“Our teacher teaches us and we learn many things,” said Zahra, another orphaned child.

Takhar Department of Labor and Social Affairs officials added that more than 5,000 homeless and in need children had already been “surveyed” in this province.

“We have reviewed five thousand cases, and we have provided some services for 1700 of them,” said Saifullah Mubarez, director of Takhar’s Social Labor and Social Affairs Department.

Previously, an organization in Takhar conducted a survey of almost 15,000 working and impoverished children, but until now, they have not received assistance.—Tolonews