Changing the destines of the poor



The under-privileged forming the majority of the population constitute the great silent mass in our country, their voices are often drowned in the cacophony of political, economic and social play which goes on every day.

While VRG’s ethos is deeply rooted in the ideal of serving Pakistan. From the very beginning, we have had as our commitment to serve the 80% adult population that cannot open a bank account.

The underprivileged and the poor are without access to Financial Services. They deserve all those facilities which are available to the affluent, well-established segment of our population, with the least complications and in an affordable manner.

Imagine having a population of nearly 100 million that does not have a bank account, and the gigantic challenge of increasing Pakistan’s GDP becomes clear. Without access to banking facilities, micro loans, micro insurance, etc, these people live on the fringe of economic development.

The USSD platform created by VRG is aimed at providing access to the financial services to millions of Unbanked Pakistanis, enabling them to reach Banking services from any type of phone, without 3G, 4G, WiFi or Internet.

The Government of Pakistan (GOP) and SBP created a special category of account called “Asaan Mobile Account (AMA)” with the noble intention of empowering the people to create and operate a banking account, using the USSD channel, and become a part of the “Banked” population.

Imagine a mechanism so easy and convenient that ordinary Pakistanis can open their bank account on mobiles in less than 2 minutes, and then use it to transfer funds, pay bills, and do Mobile top ups, seamlessly, and also do it a far lesser cost other modes.

After intense due diligence by PTA, SBP & LEA, VRG obtained the Commencement Certificate from PTA in April 2021, and the Final Authorisation Letter from SBP in May 2021.

A part of the 5th Generation Hybrid Warfare which Pakistan is facing on many fronts is that whenever someone initiates a step to improve things in Pakistan, and for its people, forces inimical to our progress and development band together to block that path.

A Stay Order was obtained against PTA and VRG to prevent it from undertaking any commercial activity through this platform, which was aimed at serving the people of Pakistan.

By law judgments supposed to be delivered in 90 days, 250 days have elapsed since the Order was reserved for decision, we understand that a backlog of cases is preventing the Honourable Court giving much needed relief and boost to the underprivileged masses of Pakistan having no bank account and thus no access to financial benefits.

Having the fullest confidence and trust in our Judiciary, while legal formalities are being addressed we have pledged to serve Pakistan and its people, particularly the poor and impoverished, with unwavering patriotism and a sense of purpose.


Till such time that the decision of the Honourable Court is received for commencing unhindered commercial operations.

The Sponsors of VRG decided to bear the entire cost of the AMA services for the people of Pakistan Like an Electronic Highway, VRG connects people (mobile phone subscribers) with their banks.

During extended Pilot phase, more than 1 million people have opened their AMA accounts, conducting over 11 million bank transactions worth over Rs: 6 billion through this channel.


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