Chairman PARC visits PARC-Research and Training Station in Multan

Staff Reporter

Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan, Chairman PARC together with Dr. Sarfraz Ahmad Member Incharge Natural Resources/Finance visited the PARC Research & Training Station (PRTS) BZU, Multan where they were received by Director PRTS Multan Mr. Mumtaz Hussain. While Dr. Nazim Hussain Labar, Chairman Department of Agronomy BZU, Dr. Aamir Nawaz Chairman (Horticulture) BZU Multan were also present.

The Worthy Chairman PARC witnessed the various field trials of oilseeds, pulses and cereals particularly the National Uniform Yield Trials (NUYT) on taramira, rapeseed, mustard and chickpea at the experimental area of the station.

Chairman Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan was briefed about the Farmers Field Trials regarding the cultivation and promotion of Ispaghol on sandy soil in Southern Punjab and about the Cultivation of Zincol Wheat on Ridge Sowing for demonstration on farmer’s field clay loam soils respectively.

On the occasion they also planted the trees at the lawn of PRTS, Multan to promote the Prime Minister’s campaign of “Clean and Green Pakistan”. The worthy Chairman PARC Dr. Azeem Khan and all other experts visited the IPM lab in which they observed the rearing of Sitotroga cereallela and Chrosopyrilla and prepration of Trichogramma cards for Bio-control of Sugarcane, pulses and vegetables.

The Chairman PARC urged to promote organic agriculture and rename the station into “Organic Agriculture Research Centre, PARC, Multan and bring forward to extend the cooperation between the faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, BZU, Multan.