Centuries old tradition of giving Eidi still alive



Eidi also known as Salami is an important gesture of greetings extended on two holy festivals Eid-ul-fitr and Eid-ul-Azha. According to a report of a private TV channel, Eidi is a gift that is given to children by older relatives or family friends as a part of the celebration to mingle with them in their happiness and rejoice on the festive day.

Besides other forms of Eidi Money particularly crisp currency notes are most commonly used for eidi being issued by the commercial banks in bulk every year, however other gifts are also given such as Spouses often give cloths, watches, perfume or makeup.Parents may give their children clothes, shoes, toys, books or electronic gadget and in –laws may give adult children clothes or cosmetics.

Centuries old trend of sending eid cards has declined  due to usage of social media which communicate greetings messages in seconds  as compared to posting eid cards taking a long time  to reach in the hands.People especially women and children feel happy.after receiving eidi through crisp notes by elder members of the family which brings a unique pleasure on eid festival.