Celebrities mourn Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan’s death


Celebrities have expressed grief at the death of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan known as the “father of Pakistan’s atomic bomb”.

“Woke up to the saddest news possible,” Sana Javed wrote. “Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, who helped Pakistan become a nuclear state, who gave his life to the cause, who was among the most respected Pakistanis, passed away.”

Sana called Dr AQ Khan the “real hero and saviour”. Dr AQ Khan was rushed to a private hospital Sunday morning after his health worsened. Although the doctors tried their best to save his life, he didn’t survive.

Soon after Dr AQ Khan’s death was announced, social media streamed with grief and anecdotes of the scientist’s remarkable achievements. He is credited with making Pakistan’s defence “impregnable”.

“Thank you for your services, sir,” said Saba Qamar. “My thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones.”

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