CDA’s monsoon tree plantation campaign continues

City Reporter

The Capital Development Authority has launched a tree planting campaign in the Federal Capital during the monsoon season

At the special directions of the CDA administration, the Department of Environment is working day and night to make Islamabad more lush, beautiful and attractive.

In addition, the CDA’s Environment Department, following the CDA management direction, planted thousands of trees in various highways, intersections, green belts, drains and roadside slopes and various parks in Islamabad this year, In this regard, with a comprehensive and solid strategy, duties have also been distributed among the concerned staff at different times.

Despite the weekly holiday, a large number of citizens, including Environment Department staff, civil society representatives, private organizations and various NGOs took part in the tree-planting camping at F-9 Park in Islamabad, and Planted hundreds of plants in and around F-9 Park

In addition, the Department of Environment has set up stalls at various places in the city to distribute free plants among the citizens, as well as free plants are also available on one window located in CDA headquarters.

The CDA administration has also appealed to the citizens to take part in the tree planting campaign to make the Federal Capital more green, beautiful and attractive as well, Citizens should also plant trees in their homes to keep the environment clean

In addition, on the special direction of the CDA administration, the educational institutions of the Federal Capital are also being made a direct part of the tree planting campaign and free plants are also being provided to the students.

It should be noted that the Environment Department of CDA is also engaged in the creation of Mewaki forests at various places to keep the land of the Federal Capital Territory free from illegal encroachments and constructions and to make the environment more beautiful and attractive.

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