CDA will use latest drones to protect forests, wildlife


The administration of Capital Development Authority is taking all possible steps for the protection of wildlife and forests in Islamabad. In this regard, the management of the Capital Development Authority has decided to use of latest technology in addition to improving the efficiency of the workforce.

In this regard, it has been decided that drones will be used for Model Forestry Park Malpur. Tenders for purchase of drones have been published in newspapers.

The use of drones will enable detection of encroachments in the forest area which will help in taking timely action against the encroachers.

Similarly, these drones will also help in determining the types of wildlife found in the forests of Islamabad while also helping in determining the migratory wildlife.

In addition, the technology could be used for other measures, including preventing illegal logging.

Other problems, including forest fires, could also be identified and addreseed in time properly.

The use of drones will also help in decision making process regarding forests and forest life. On this occasion, the CDA administration said that forests are the beauty of Islamabad and every effort will be made to maintain it.—PR


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