CDA starts action against illegal housing societies

Staff Reporter

Administration of Capital Development Authority (CDA) has started a large scale crackdown against the illegal housing societies which are looting the citizens.

In the first phase, showcase notices are being served on illegal housing societies and then they are being sealed in the next phase.

CDA has issued the list of illegal housing societies at its website to guide the citizens. However the process of taking action against Ghauri Town, Rawal Enclave, Ideal Residencia, and other illegal housing societies has begun.

According to detail, CDA has started taking actions against the owners of illegal housing societies and schemes.

The illegal societies are including Ghauri Town, Rawal Enclave, Dream Land City, Ideal Residencia, Icon Enclave, Star World, Golf Residencia, Yar Muhammad Society, and Babar Enclave which are illegal and action will be taken against them.

Housing societies are allowed in Sector E-11 and Zone 2,4,5 with the permission of CDA in federal capital according to ICT Zoning regulation 1992.

On the other hand CDA has also written letters to SNGPL and WAPDA not to provide gas and electricity connections to illegal housing societies.

The owners of all the illegal housing societies have been asked to get their lay out plans approved by CDA while following the directions of the authority. CDA has also appealed citizens to avoid to invest their money in illegal housing societies.