CDA further improves water supply system increasing number of tubewells

Staff Reporter

The Capital Development Authority Water Supply Department has further improved the water supply system in Islamabad with the increase the number of tube wells.

It is to be noted that CDA Water Supply Department has 170 tubewells in various sectors in their proper condition to supply water to the city of Islamabad, in which 5 new tube wells have been added and 9 tube wells have been repaired.

It is expected that four to five more tube wells in different sectors will be added to the system next month.

In addition, the supply of water to the citizens in Sector I-8, I-9 and adjoining sub-sectors of Islamabad depends on tube wells for which the concerned staff of Water Supply Department is deployed round the clock in these sectors at different times.

Meanwhile, the demand for tankers in Islamabad has also come down significantly due to the operation of tube wells, in past to measures where the CDA used to receive more than 400 complaints a day, but now the system is improving, the number of complaints has been reduced to 150 per day.

In addition, the number of tankers and staff has been reduced from 25 to 10 to ensure full water supply in the city and to address the grievances of the citizens.

Who are on standby 24 hours a day Staff of Water Supply Department is repairing old, dilapidated and damaged water supply lines in some sectors of Islamabad which are repairable and restoring water supply and also eliminating all small and big complaints of water leakage. Similarly, new and modern pipelines for water supply are being laid underground.

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