CDA executes plan for emergency response to moonson rain fall


Chairman Capital development authority and Chief commissioner Islamabad has approved resource allocation plan to coordinate flood relief preparedness and emergency response in impending pre monsoon rain fall predictions.

Deputy commissioner Islamabad has been made convener of Dist disaster management committee which would coordinate over all efforts .It was further decided that mapping of nallahs and resources would be done and data available with the survey of Pakistan will be utilised .

Moreover the chair directed Memeber Engineering CDA to ensure provision of Machinery at all the times especially at the vunerable points where monitoring camps with human resources would be set up immediately. Monitroing of Kachiabdis and vunerable areas have been listed with special focus on the areas hit in last July rains

Further more to coordinate flood relief efforts related Departments like IESCO ,food and Live stock were put on alert with directions to ensure provision of all necessary measures and items along with their human resources.

CDA was instructed to release 50 million rupees to DMA through MCI for purchase of Dewatering sets pumps and other items .

The chair directed DG civic management and environment to keep their staff alert around the clock .

Executive director cda hospital and DHO has been instructed to ensure provison of medical staff and medicines in flood relief camps .nt from my Huawei Mobile