CDA all set to launch citizen feedback survey


In an effort to transform Islamabad and improve services delivery several initiatives have been launched in context of reform and citizen feedback for next three months focus of CDA is on agenda of reform in service delivery.

The management has already initiated several infrastructure projects. Meanwhile green campaign is in full swing. Now qualitative aspect of service delivery is in the focus.
CDA has initiated a citizen feed back survey which will become downloadable from its social media accounts and website.

This form will help make assessment of expectation and views of public.
The management is also set to launch CDA helpline from august 2021 and towards end of august the most ambitious let’s fix islamabad snap and solve app. Will be launched.

However, in phase one will be this citizen survey; that gets public opinion on aspects such as condtion of roads, condition of parks, condition of sanitation services etc. CDA will also employ volunteers to physically check survey and become extension of CDA in public.

Without citizen feedback proper planning and effective intervention is not possible said the CDA spokesperson.

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