CCTV footage reveals robbers massacre at fuel station



The CCTV footage of a deadly robbery in Sadiqabad area of Rahim Yar Khan has emerged as terror grips the region.

Robbers from a local gang had killed at least nine people at a fuel station in Sadiqabad on Sunday.

The Andhar Gang is feared by almost everyone in the region and it is now forcing the complainant to withdraw the robbery FIR while families of the victims have left their homes to seek refuge elsewhere, said a report aired by a private TV channel.

The Andhar Gang robbers stormed the fuel station at Mahi Chowk in broad daylight on Sunday, the CCTV footage shows.

They are seen first arguing with the owners of the fuel station and then gunning down everyone there. Only one person who was left for dead survived.

The footage shows that after the argument, at least three Andhar Gang robbers fire indiscriminately. People try to flee but they are targeted by the robbers, who also fire shots at the namazis, emerging out of a mosque after the prayers, the footage shows.

Some of the passersby were also fired upon. The shooting ends when the fuel station is deserted except for the robbers, who flee with ease.

Earlier, some news reports had claimed that the robbers fled as the police arrived at the spot and exchanged fire with them. However, local people complained about poor response from the police.

The fatal robbery and the police’s failure to act enraged locals and the victims’ families, who staged a protest by placing the bodies on the national highway on Sunday and observed a complete strike on Monday.

Thousands of people attended the funeral prayers for the deceased persons. Meanwhile, protests led to the removal of District Police Officer Asad Sarfraz, who was replaced by Ali Zia.

However, the police still fail to offer protection to the families of the victims. The man who had lodged the FIR of the robbery with the police has decided to withdraw the complaint after receiving threats from the gang.

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