CCPO expresses satisfaction over decrease in crime rate


The provincial metropolis witnessed decline in all categories of crime during the past three months, according to the data shared by the Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA).

Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Lahore Addi-tional IGP Fayyaz Ahmad Dev Friday expressed satisfaction on overall performance of the Lahore police, as it was fully focused on crime control by protection of life and property of citizens and better service delivery. The PSCA conducted a comparative analysis of street crimes during the last 12 months, reported in the provincial capital, while sharing the details showing the highest and lowest ratio of helpline 15 calls.

The PSCA dispatched the report to the police au-thorities with a prime purpose to make it part of the official meetings in order to devise further strategies to provide relief to citizens, taking into account the trend of ‘crime calls’.

The report outlined that the city witnessed a ‘visible’ decline in ‘crime calls of all categories’ during the last three months, from November 2021 to January 2022.

The statistics said that Lahore witnessed a sharp surge in the reported crime against property and persons in a specific period from June to October of last year (2021). The report said 5,278 calls of crime against property were made on Lahore-15 in June which increased to 5,825 in July (10.4 per cent), 5,977 in August (2.6pc), 6,087 in September (1.8pc) and 6,534 in October (7.3pc).

The crime against property included dacoity, robbery, burglary, vehicle snatching and theft. However, according to the report, in the November 2021-January 2022 period, the crime ratio decreased visibly. The Emergency Helpline calls dropped to 6,052 (7.4pc) in November, 5,556 (8.2pc) in De-cember and 3,944 in January (29pc). The overall crime ratio against property as per crime calls, de-creased by 44.6pc during the last three months.

Almost the same was the case with the crime against person that included murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping or assault including domestic violence and street fight.

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