CCP revolutionised China



CHINESE are legitimately celebrating the centenary of their ruling party – Chinese Communist Party (CCP),which was founded on July 1, 1921 at Shanghai, an icon of the nation’s marvellous economic success, as the party not only revolutionized each and every aspect of life in its 100-year history but also has active plans and vigour to take China to new heights of enviable glory.

It is rightly believed that China under the leadership of CCP with vibrant and visionary President Xi Jinping at the helm of affairs is set to enter a new, better and more glorious era, thwarting conspiracies being hatched by ill-wishers, who are afraid of the rapid strides that China is making both on economic and defence front.

The negative propaganda by vested interests notwithstanding, the very fact that the CCP, the largest political party of the world, has become one of the longest surviving ruling parties is itself an acknowledgement of its resounding success and popularity due to the hard work done by successive leaders right from Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping.

Another proof of this great success story is that China is rising in every respect at a time when some other powers are on the decline.

The CCP took over a country that was ravaged by decades of conflict but has been able to transform it into the world’s second largest economy (poised to become the number one) whose cutting-edge technology and infrastructure, as per assessment of The Economist, put America’s creaking roads and railways to shame.

A series of events taking place across the length and breadth of China to mark 100 years of CCP not only provide an insight into how the party changed the fate of the nation but also explain what China is set to achieve in coming months and years under the dynamic leadership of President Xi, who has given a new but worth emulating idea of shared progress and prosperity through his historic initiative of One Belt, One Road (OBOR).

The spectacular progress made by China is highlighted by funding of countless projects worldwide at a cost of billions of dollars, military might of the country and its space programme that has landed on the moon and Mars.

The progress achieved by China in economic and military spheres is so mind-boggling and challenging to others that some Western powers are joining hands to block its march on a trajectory to rival the US, as a superpower.

All this explains well the success story of the CCP, reassuring Chinese people that it will lift the nation to greatness as the party has a well-knit strategy to realize the cherished objective of basic prosperity for the entire population and China to become a global leader with national strength and international influence.

What distinguishes China from other world powers is that while others are trying to become leaders either through economic subjugation or military aggression, China, under President Xi’s clear vision, has adopted the path of peaceful co-existence, mutual respect and cooperative relationship.

The Chinese are, therefore, silently working to bring about a new world order based on equality and cooperation and their strategy would surely get approval of a majority of the world as their aim is to establish a just order.

What China has so far achieved and is going to achieve transmits a clear message that it will be the engine of growth for the world economy and drive the development of the world in coming decades.

A number of countries are already considering China a role model of development and are striving to follow its footsteps to accelerate the pace of their socio-economic progress with visible impact in different spheres of life.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is among those leaders who are greatly moved by ‘a system based on meritocracy’ as he said in an interview that he wanted to replicate the Chinese model in Pakistan that lifted 700 million people out of poverty within a short period of 40 years.

It is because of the two-way sincerity of the relationship that the PM told China Global Television Network (CGTN) on Tuesday that despite pressure, Pakistan would not change or downgrade its relationship with China because the relationship was “deep”.

He rightly lamented that it was unfair on the part of the United States and other Western countries to pressurize countries like Pakistan to choose sides and downgrade ties with China as the cooperative relationship has started resolving some of the chronic problems of Pakistan and putting the country on sound-footings to achieve greater progress in years to come.

The Pakistan Observer joins people of Pakistan in extending greetings to the CCP on this auspicious occasion, hoping that its leadership would not only succeed in its future plan for China but also give new dimensions to Sino-Pak ties.


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