CBC launches fumigation campaign against dengue drive


Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) has launched an intensive fumigation campaign against dengue drive in their respective areas. The comprehensive campaign launched includes fumigation, spray and oiling drives intended against the stagnant water, pond, storm water, drains, garbage dumps, nullahs and manholes.

The campaign will effectively prevent the breeding of mosquitoes, flies and insects, which are being sprayed at each nook and corner of the area on the war footing. The CBC campaign includes effective fumigation of the CBC area from Phase 1 to Phase VII, Clifton Block 8 and 9 and the surrounding Bazar Areas including Dehli Colony, Punjab Colony, Hazara Colony and Chandio Village. The fumigation is being carried out different area according through vehicle mounted fumigation machines. Effective spray of chemical K. Oth rine insecticide is being done in the area to eradicate the viral diseases.

Cantonment Board Clifton instructed concerned staff of CBC to leave no stone unturned and directed the teams carrying out fumigation to execute the job in all earnestness so as to ensure effective control of spread of viral diseases.

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