Categorical message by COAS


Addressing passing out parade of Pakistan Military Academy Kakul, Chief of Army Staff Gen Asim Munir expressed firm determination to not only defeat attempts by Pakistan’s enemies to drive a wedge between the people and the armed forces but also preserve and further solidify their bond through selfless performance of constitutional duties.

It was Asim Munir’s first address after assuming office of the Army Chief that the public heard live and it clearly demonstrated his clarity of mind and sincerity of purpose. His speech carried a loud and clear message both for internal and external elements. There is no denying the fact that hostile forces have been trying for a long time to create a divide between the armed forces and the people of Pakistan as part of their sinister plans. It is also unfortunate that certain elements within the country inadvertently advance enemy’s agenda by targeting the institution, which in fact has always been at the forefront to defend integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan by rendering immense sacrifices. Unquestionably, Pakistan armed forces have always received unflinching public support because of their contributions to meet with internal and external security threats. It is also a fact that this institution has received a lot of criticism from different segments of society for its role in country’s politics. But now decision by armed forces to stay apolitical is welcoming, which will definitely bring political stability as well as further strengthen the bonds between the people and the armed forces of Pakistan.

The Army Chief in his speech stated that people are central to the unity of the state and our future progress depends on internal cohesion, democracy and constitutionalism. These words clearly indicate that army leadership firmly believes in power of the people and that it will not resort to any unconstitutional step, as are expectations by some elements within the country. Indeed this is the way forward and it is also for our political leadership to learn lesson from their mistakes and instead of looking towards ‘others’ must address all political issues through dialogue. It is also for us to strongly condemn and discourage elements running social media campaigns against armed forces and those doing so must be identified and taken to task as per law. Smear campaign against armed forces should not be allowed under any circumstances. As a nation, we firmly stand with our armed forces and regard highly their sacrifices for defence of the motherland.