Cases to be filed against organisers of rallies: PM Says will leave office of PM but never betray the country


Staff Reporter


Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday vowed that he will never grant any amnesty to the Opposition, ahead of the Pakistan Democratic Movement’s (PDM) rally scheduled in Lahore on December 13.
“The only thing they want is an NRO. I will leave the office of PM but will never betray the country by giving them an NRO,” he said, in an interview to a private news channel.
He said that the Opposition does not hold the country’s interests at heart.
The premier ruled out the possibility of the government granting permission to the PDM to hold a public gathering, and warned that it would lodge cases against the organisers.
“We will file FIRs against everyone — from the kursi wala to the sound system handlers, he said, adding, however: “But won’t stop them [Opposition leaders] from going there.”
He said, little people know the kind of life I have led with all the fame and cultural diversity teaching me what I knew in my youth rather than any books.
The Prime Minister said he had gone to England at an age of 18 years and then started officially his cricketing carrier, it followed with his pass into celebrity circle where he got to see global influencers from an up-close. He said the colonial mindset following British colonies has taken over our culture and people’s lives, with English culture and language becoming prime priorities.
The Prime Minsiter said he learned from dissecting all his ideas and the comparison between the two cultures noting that there was a captivating influence of colonial mindset on our society even after their physical perch had gone away.
However, Khan said, there is social welfare in the West which we should look up to and that the first time he knew what a social welfare concept was when he had gone to England but, he stressed, our only strength is our family system which cannot be replaced.
Even in the West, the PM underscored, with the onslaught of drugs, immorality and divorces there, their youth strayed away blatantly and even their social system took a hit.
We need a thinker like great Allama Iqbal, said Imran Khan, who can breakdown societies who understand the weaknesses and strengths of societies without simply importing alien ideas without due thought process and comparative analysis.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan has accepted British Premier Boris Johnson’s invitation to address the global climate change event scheduled for December 12 — the fifth anniversary of 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.


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