Captain Karnal Sher Khan remembered

Our Correspondent

The 21st martyrdom anniversary of Kargil War hero Captain Karnal Sher Khan Shaheed was observed on Sunday.

Captain Karnal Sher Khan hailed from Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and joined Pakistan Army in 1992.

During the Kargil conflict, he was assigned to clear a vital position. He and his fellow soldiers ignored the firepower of the opponents and bravely managed to push them back. Captain Karnal Sher Khan led the charge and was able to inflict heavy losses on the enemy.

The Indian officer in charge who witnessed his bravery placed a praise-filled note in his pocket.

Captain Karnal Sher Khan embraced martyrdom on July 5, 1999 and his family members were proud to learn that he gave up his life for his country.

He left an everlasting mark on the younger generation in his family who firmly believe that there would be nothing without this country.

His nephew, Nauman Sher, expressed his love for his uncle and said that he is his role model.

He added that every youngster in our family wants to follow his footsteps and make him proud.

His nephew acknowledges the love and kindness extended to his family by the people and government.

Their help has enabled them to establish projects in his memory that are further elevating Captain Karnal Sher Khan’s name.

He shared the interesting story on how the Shaheed’s own name is based on a military rank.

Captain Karnal Sher Khan’s grandfather volunteered in 1948 war where he served under Colonel Sher Khan.

He was so impressed with his character that he named his grandson after him and even included his rank.

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