Capital to get permanent landfill site next year


Metropolitan Corporation of Islamabad (MCI) is moving forward briskly with its plan of developing the first-ever permanent dumping site for the Federal capital generating tonnes of garbage daily.
The capital city, despite being the face of country still lacks a permanent landfill site to scientifically dump trash for ensuring clean and green environment. For the last four decades, the civic agency proposed several areas including Kuri landfill to permanently dump the garbage in the city but the waste is still being dumped in a residential area of I-12 sector.
Recently, the private consultant, hired by the MCI, has selected a location near Sangjani to setup the facility on permanent basis due to its minimum hauling distance, suitable topography, distant from aircraft route for flight safety and socio-environmental factors, a senior official in MCI Sanitation Directorate told media.
The Environmental Protection Agency Pakistan (EPA), he said would conduct a public hearing of the landfill site project this week and visit the site before giving the final approval. The process might take a few weeks, he added.
The EPA, he said, would evaluate the water table of the site to ensure that the underground water of the area would not be polluted by dumping of around 700-800 metric tons of garbage and municipal solid waste per day.—APP

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