Cantonment elections: ECP asks KE for smooth power supply


The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has asked K-Electric to ensure uninterrupted power supply on Sept 12 when local government elections are scheduled to take place in Karachi’s cantonment boards. In a letter to the power company, the provincial election commissioner Sindh stated that polling for elections in the cantonment areas will start at 8am and continue till 5pm, after which vote counting.  will begin in the presence of candidates or their polling agents.

Uninterrupted power supply is essential till the counting process is over on the polling day, the letter said, requesting the K-Electric to ensure all polling stations as well as the offices of ECP officials don’t experience any power cuts.

It is noteworthy that ballot papers printing for election on 53 seats of eight cantonment boards in Sindh has been completed.

The ballot papers totalling 5,31,700 have been brought to Karachi for the election at six cantonment boards in the port city and two boards in Hyderabad and Pannu Aqil, for the election scheduled on September 12.

The voters in six cantonment boards of Karachi will elect their representatives on 42 seats. While, in Hyderabad and Pannu Aqil 11 members of cantonment boards will be elected.


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