Cancer patients protest against Gutka mafia


Over a dozen of the Gutka addicts suffering off mouth and throat cancer,on the other day staged demonstrations and held the Gutka preparing and selling mafias responsible for infecting them by mouth ,throat and abdominal cancer caused by consuming dealy Gutka ,Mava ,mainpuri and ther contraband chews.

They demanded of the higher authorities to take action against the accused involved in supplying of the deadly gutka mainpuri and Mava and put an end of these ,which have left several lives dead and several people both of the districts Thatta and Sujawal are still nearly to dying.

The affected men including Allah Bachayo,Ali Masgai,Nazeer Soho,Hidyatullah,Abdul Razaq Rind, Mohammad Mallah,Manzoor and others protested along with civil society men including Advocate Ghulam Mustfa Shah and Ishfaq Shah

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