Call for rehabilitation of millions of addicts in city


A report of the Lahore police on the drug abuse, challenges and the way forward has brought to the limelight some disturbing facts, stating that the police found ‘102 dead bodies of chronic addicts’ in the provincial capital during the last six months.

The first comprehensive police report on the drug abuse was prepared by Lahore police.

Lahore Operations DIG retired Capt Sohail Chaudhry prepared and submitted the detailed report to the inspector general of police to forward the same to the Punjab government for consideration, saying that it would help eradicate the drug abuse.

The report carried sufficient details, including the problems and the recommendations for the Punjab government to take drastic measures to make Lahore ‘a drug-free city’.

The report suggested to the chief minister to turn all six Pannah Gahs (shelter homes) in Lahore into rehabilitation centres for drug addicts, saying there were millions of addicts in the city and they were dying on the roadsides.

It also recommended establishment of ‘Drug Victim Support Squads’ by the district administration with the help of police.

Sharing some disturbing facts, the report said the Lahore police picked up 102 dead bodies of drug addicts from various parts of the city since January 2022 while responding to the calls at 15.

They died of chronic addiction and most of them were using injectable drugs. Hashish was said to be the most common substance besides sedatives and tranquilisers such as benzodiazepines, heroin and opium. The ‘inhalant abuse among streetchildren’ was also considered another major challenge to the Lahore police and the threat for the young generation.

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