Call for greater interaction between police & media


Staff Reporter

Dynamic cooperation and interaction between police and media can work wonders in curbing crime and criminal elements in society. This was the consensus point of a webinar organized under the title of ‘Police Media Sath Sath’ or ‘Police & Media all together.’
Communications Research Strategies (CRS) had organized 4th edition of the series which was moderated by Zafrullah Khan who has designed and implemented numerous civic education projects.
The webinar presented a unique opportunity for participants to share their views on dynamics of police and media.
Aoun Sahi, a renowned current affair producer emphasized the need to invest resources on Public Affairs Management within the police in addition to desired structured and functional reforms.
Tahir Niaz, a seasoned Islamabad-based crime reporter from The Nation jolted down a comprehensive list of reforms based on his extensive experience in the field and shared it with participants.
Umer Janjua from Urdu Point discussed the limitations of policing due to lack of budget and stressed on the need of adopting innovating techniques to modernize police as per international standards. Awais Khan, a multimedia journalist, hinted towards horrors of fake news that obstructed the progressive use of social media by youth to deal with social issues like community policing.

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