CAA notifies travel ban after emergence of omicron


The Civil Aviation Authority on Sunday notified a new travel advisory for Category-C countries after the emergence of a new Coid variant, Omicron.

The CAA has enlisted 17 countries in the fresh travel advisory, South Africa, Hong Kong, Iraq, Namibia and Ukrane among them.

The passengers travelling from the category-C countries would require permission from the National Command and Operations Centre.

“They would have to compulsorily provide evi-dence of full Covid-19 vaccination,” the Civil Aviation Authority notified.

Pakistani citizens in the category-C countries can return home until December 5 without a formal permission.

A negative PCR test report, conducted 72 hours before travel, will be com-pulsory. Moreover, testing and quarantine rules will be applicable over the passengers on arrival in Pakistan, according to the travel advisory.

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