CAA employees found misusing airport entry passes

Observer Report

The airport administration of Lahore has taken notice of some Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) employees involved in misusing Airport Entry Passes (AEPs) for giving protocols to passengers during off-duty timings and prior to informing the concerned officers.
Some employees of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have been found violating the ban on protocols at Lahore’s Allama Iqbal Airport by misusing their airport entry passes.
The airport manager Akhtar Mirza issued a circular to the staff to warn them of disciplinary action in case violating the restrictions imposed on protocols.

The circular stated that a ban on giving protocol, in general, was imposed, especially amid the pandemic situation to restrict the staff not to extend the protocol to passengers of all domestic and international flights.

It emerged that some staffers were using their AEPs during off-duty to approach passengers and extend the services for speedy check-in without even informing their in-charge, terminal manager and relevant officer which comes under the violations of duty hours and regulations for the airport entry passes.

In its circular, the airport manager renewed the directives to the staff for not using the AEPs during off-duty hours and not to assist passengers or extending protocol without permission of the concerned officers. It has also been directed to avoid approaching the passengers voluntarily to offer them services for check-in process which came under the responsibility of the staff of authorised CAA Counter for Porter Services.

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