By-polls to set political direction of country: PPP


PPP leader Syed Hassan Murtaza says the July 17 by-polls will set the political direction of the country.

He, along with PML-N leaders, was speaking at a press conference. Chiding the previous government, he alleged that the four-year PTI rule was the era of nepotism, price-hike and of a new narrative and if the allied parties had not ousted the government through a no-confidence motion, the country would have witnessed some tragedy.

He said the PPP, the PML-N and other parties joined hands in the larger national interest to save the country from an irreparable damage. He said the people suffered owing to chaos and inflation in the country during the PTI rule as Imran Khan misled the masses in the name of providing jobs to 10 million people, while the unemployment graph hit its peak during that time.

Murtaza said that had the PPP and the PML-N not taken the timely decision of bringing a no-confidence motion against the PTI government, the country could have seen a tragedy. He lauded Nazeer Chohan and other members of the Punjab Assembly, who rebelled against their party (PTI) in a show of patriotism and political vision and sided with the PPP-N League alliance.

The PPP leader said they fully supported the PML-N candidates in the July 17 by-polls and claimed that more than two-thirds of the 20 seats would be won by the alliance.

PML-N city acting president Khwaja Nazir thanked PPP leaders Asif Zardari and Bilawal Bhutto as well as the provincial leaders for their unconditional support for the candidates in the by-polls. He said the detailed judgement of the Supreme Court on the National Assembly deputy speaker’s ruling released a day ago stamped the ineptness of the past rulers.

PPP Lahore president Aslam Gill said the party was actively supporting the PML-N candidates in the four constituencies of the provincial capital where by-elections were being held.

Mr Chohan, who is a candidate in the PP-167, lauded the PPP for raising the ‘Long Live Pakistan slogan’ after the assassination of party chairperson Benazir Bhutto in 2007.

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