By-poll victory heralds PTI future: Aleem



Staff Reporter

Punjab Senior Minister for Food Abdul Aleem Khan on Thursday said that the landslide victory of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in the Sialkot by-election is in fact the beginning of future political achievements.

“It has once again become clear that it is Prime Minister Imran Khan who is the last hope for the nation as he is working in good faith to resolve all the problems the country is faced.”

Taking to twitter on Thursday, Aleem Khan said that like Azad Kashmir, the sensible people of Sialkot mandated “the vision of development and prosperity” with the power of their votes.

He claimed that the masses are fed up with traditional politics and now they would no more tolerate “family heirs” to rule the country.

“The by-poll victory is in fact the manifestation of future achievements the PTI will achieve Insha Allah.”

Abdul Aleem Khan said that the slogan of change given by Prime Minister Imran Khan is becoming more and more practical and the people are well-aware of the game played with them in the past regimes.

The senior minister further said that those who had been celebrating their victory in the past should now openly admit to defeat.

“Instead of protesting, the opposition should play due Constitutional and democratic role for prosperity of the masses.”

The senior minister congratulated Ahsan Saleem Baryar, the successful PTI candidate in by-election to PP-38 Sialkot and wished him all the best by attributing his victory to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision


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