Buzdar releases Rs8m for deserving patients


Int’l Mother Tongue Day: Language conspicuous identity of nation, says CM

On the directions of Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar, Rs. 8.1 million have been released for the treatment of deserving patients with cancer and liver transplant.

According to details, Rs.3 million have been released for the treatment of Muhammad Ismail of Jampur tehsil of Rajanpur district for treatment of bone marrow disease at the Armed Forces Bone Marrow Transplant Center Rawalpindi.

Another Rs.2.5 million has been given to anaemia patient Muhammad Farhan who was being treated at the same institution. Rs. 2.6 million have also been released for the treatment of liver patient Haji Ashiq Hussain of Dera Ghazi Khan from Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute Lahore.

The CM termed it a noble act to heal the wounds of suffering humanity and vowed to provide resources for treating deserving patients.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar has stated that language is not only a means of expression of human emotions but also a conspicuous identity of nations.

In his message, the CM said that the promotion of the mother tongue is an important need and the importance of the mother tongue cannot be denied even in this ever changing digital world.

Language gives a strong identity to the nations and protection of the mother tongue is a social responsibility of all of us, he maintained.

He said the education of the children in their mother tongue yields a positive effect on their mental development. The status of mother tongues as a national identity and a valuable cultural heritage is undeniable, he added.

He observed that every word and phrase in the mother tongue contains national traditions, culture, mental and spiritual experiences.

He said language is a social gift that is passed to the next generation over time.

The mother tongue is considered an effective means of preserving and promoting cultural heritage, he said.

Mother tongues create a better awareness of cultural, historical and social traditions around the world.

We have to reaffirm our commitment to take steps for the promotion of mother tongues, he concluded.

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