Buzdar proposes independent observers for water management


Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has proposed deployment of ‘independent observers’ at Punjab and Sindh barrages.

Punjab Chief Minister has also invited parliamentarians from all over the country, especially from Sindh, to visit Punjab barrages. He said the visiting lawmakers will be provided with accurate data of water emission.

In a statement on Sunday, the chief minister said that this initiative will help in the ‘equitable distribution’ of water among the provinces.

And it will also help in clearing the misunderstandings between the provinces on the water issue.

The observers will monitor the current water scarcity, water distribution and discharge reporting system in the province themselves.

“Parliamentarians will see with their own eyes how Punjab is making water discharge reporting transparent in its system,” the chief minister added.

He said that he also wanted Sindh to invite Punjab parliamentarians to visit their barrages so that lawmakers from Punjab could also take a closer look at the condition of barrages in Sindh, their water distribution and reporting system.

Usman Buzdar urged instead of building walls between both provinces, there is a need to tear down these walls.—INP