Businessnen urges politicians, stakeholders to sit together for resolving political, economic crises



Taking cognizance of the current political crises prevalent in the country, leading Karachi based businessmen of Pakistan sat together to discuss the current volatile situation arising out of political chaos and instability which has brought the economy at the verge of total collapse, which will result in large scale unemployment and create extreme difficulties for the common man, and in addition seriously hamper Pakistan’s exports.

The meeting was attended by Aqeel Karim Dhedhi, Arif Habib, Shabbir Dewan, Bashir Jan Mohammed, Tariq Rafi, Sohail Tabba, Khalid Tawwab, Ahmed Chinoy, Mushtaq Chappra, Mohsin Shekhani and others.

Ongoing situation would also be a recipe for anarchy and God forbid, it will bring the country to an irretrievable loss. It was also discussed that the image of Pakistan in the international market has been tarnished to a great level and negative continuing news about the country was bringing the exports, as well as the overall image about Pakistan to a drastically low level, which would remain beyond repair for a long time.

They stressed that the overall situation must be promptly arrested to stop further downfall before it becomes too late. At the same time, leaders and representatives of the business community pledged their complete solidarity with the beloved nation and were hopeful, that if things are brought to order and we as a nation, take cognition of the stark situation, and all the stakeholders sit down together, all the problems can be resolved.

They also offered to sit down with all the political parties and all other stakeholders and try to help sort out the situation to the satisfaction of all, because they are of the view that the prevailing circumstances were very grave and dangerous, and any further deterioration in this would result in an irretrievable situation, not only for business but for our  Pakistan as a whole.

Business community extremely perturbed with the ongoing situation, hence, all  stakeholders, particularly the political parties must exhibit flexibility in the larger interest of the country as everyone’s survival depends on the survival of our  motherland, hence, business community of Pakistan are eager to sit together with all political parties and other stakeholders so that the issues could be amicably resolved.

The business community wishes to see all the institutions strengthened in every possible manner so that they can collectively resolve this problem. The business community highly respects all the institutions including political parties, judiciary and the armed forces of the country and would like to see all of them strengthening and working collectively to save the country from plunging into an irretrievable disaster.